We have cheesemakers who, at this very moment, are probably churning some milk in a vat, culturing some buffalo/cow/sheep/goat milk, or draining off the whey getting ready to hoop their cheese.  I have become friends with a group of very small production cheesemakers and entrepreneurs, who, remarkably, all live within a twenty minute radius from the shop in Freestone.  We hope to carry all of their cheeses when they are in season.

The excellence of West Sonoma/Marin is the variety of milking animals to choose from, and the quality of the pasturage. Our cheesemakers believe in using only the freshest cream and the purest practices. In many cases the milk goes directly from the animal to the on-site creamery where, within a few hours the cheesemaking process begins. Many of our cheesemakers maintain their own flocks of cows, sheep and goats and care intensely not only about the quality of their product but also sustainability, using ecologically sound practices and insuring the quality of their flock's lives. There's nothing better than cheese made from fresh milk from pasture-raised, happy animals! You will often see these flocks peppering the hills as you drive the beautiful, winding roads of Western Sonoma and Marin counties.

"Venezuelan Beaver Cheese?"  "Not today, sir, no."

~ Monty Python

We don't always have every cheese available, but we always have a lot of variety.

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The whole country, thanks in part to our friends at VIAC, is buzzing with small cheese makers who are creating fabulous cheese.  We often feature seasonal cheeses from award-winning cheesemakers across the country - New York, Washington, Oregon, Vermont - and even a few international delicacies.

Side Note about water buffalo:  We are one of the few places where you can purchase the incredibly creamy and locally-made water buffalo gelato from Double 8 Dairy's! 

Come into the shop, and we will share what we learn about this exciting world of artisan cheese, and we can give you a taste as well. Keep your eyes on our instagram and facebook pages where we share news about our cheeses and other goodies available at the shop.

Jennifer Bice, Redwood Hill Creamery

Jennifer Bice, Redwood Hill Creamery

“You have to be a romantic to invest yourself,
your money, and your time
in cheese.”